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Works ranging from gifts to one-of-a-kind specialty pieces of all sizes.

     Production pieces are made from established patterns and can generally be made in a relatively short time period.  Many of these items have flexibility in the colors used and materials.   


These boxes are great gift ideas and are built around one of three basic themes; Rock, Heart and Marble.  They come in 4x4 and 4x6 sizing and come in many possible colors, including iridized glasses (give a pearlescent look and does not wash off) in various base colors.  Our boxes come with cork feet, mirrored bottoms and a chain for securing the lid.  They are delicate pieces of beauty.  

Rock -  Rock boxes are loved by the artist, since no two rocks are the same, the design varies based on the rock used.

Heart - Heart boxes use a gem-cut heart shape and make a special gift for that special somebody.

Marble - Marble boxes have inset marbles and make for a unique gift.

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Hanging Shells

Stained Glass Decorations

These decorative pieces are some of the newer additions to my production work.  They come in a wide range of colors and make very nice hanging deco for windows or on patios or porches. 

The Arrows measure in at about 5 inches wide x 22 inches in height and can hang horizontally or vertically.  The others are a bit smaller scale.


Dancing Hearts Gallery

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Our stars make great decorations, measuring about 8" from point to point. As with most of our works, when placing, consider the light sources around to maximize the beauty of the stained glass.



Spider Webs

These are intricate works to add that beautifully rustic look to many spaces, including front porches, decks and anyplace that you see fit.  The only glass on them is the marble that makes up the spider's body.  Just mount with two screws or thumb tacks in a corner and enjoy.  Size is approximately 7"x9".  Click the image to see better detail.


Flame Windows


Flame Windows

Flame Windows are a beautiful nod to one of nature's most destructive forces.  Offered in many colors, they can give a warming glow to your home or office.  Click on the image to see examples of the colors and close-ups of some of the details.

Shell Windows 


Shell Windows

Shell Windows are designed for the nautical heart in all of us.  Utilizing both the shape of the nautilus shell and the Tibia shell, it is bordered by bubbled glass and a selection of Iridized colors.



I originally started a project as an exercise in creating something wonderful from leftover pieces I had laying around.  I put together four patterns that I was happy with and took them to a show.  I was informed that these are common quilting patterns and was told the name of each individually. 

The pattern you will find here is called an Ohio Star and, due to my location in Southeastern Ohio, it has become my prefered pattern.  I can make these in many color and texture palettes.  I am also willing to work with other quilt patterns provided by you.  Contact me with requests for colors and textures not shown and about a quilt pattern that you would like to order at or by phone at (740)448-3955.

The Squares are approximately  14"x14" and can be displayed on-the-flat or on-point.  The Large Quilts are approximately 16"x38" and can be displayed either vertically or horizontally.  I can also work with sizes provided by you.

Aside from being a great gift idea for that quilter that has everything, these would be a great way to bring a splash of dignified color into any room, including your home office or den. Click the images below to see a sampling of some of our color palettes and previous Quilt works.

Quilt Squares

Large Quilts


These are available in many color palettes.  Here is just a small sampling of colors that I have used.    They use both marbled stained glass and textured glass to complete a unique look.   

All designs are owned by the artist and may not be reproduced.