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This large panoramic window set, titled The Embrace, livens the waiting room in a local medical center.

Commissioned Stained Glass

     Stained Glass Commissions are custom-made, one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork that are based on the specifications of my clients.  Some on this page are also one-of-a-kind works straight from my imagination.  I do a wide range of commissioned work, from small projects to large, multiple window layouts.   These works have been used to grace homes, offices, churches, hotels, sorority houses and much more.  I strive to design windows not only for the spaces, but for the people who live or work in those spaces.  The beauty of my stained glass will enhance any space.

     On this page you will find examples of my works.  Most are in thumbnail form and can be clicked to see the full image.  If you are interested only in examples of work I've done for churches, please click here.

     If you have any questions on how I can bring a touch of inspiration to your project, email me at or call at (740)448-3955.

This window was designed to be placed over a customer's Jacuzzi. 


The first pic above is a sketch I did during a lunch.  I then went to my shop and went straight from concept to design putting "Rhapsody" together for a customer.

This was a set of cabinet doors.


This is one of a set (click image to see all 3 installed).

Above is a window for a local Sorority house.

An elegant entranceway.

This is an entranceway set.  The green is the late summer foliage outside.

A set of cabinet doors installed.

Installed sidelights.

This was commissioned for another stained glass studio.

The main point of this window was to diffuse the intrusive light coming from the nearby stoplight.

This is fresh off of my design table.

Set of windows for a customer's entryway.

To the left is the finished Comet Clock, to the right some of the build.


Garrison Windows

Gear Clock

A pair of table clocks.


This was done for a show that featured artists that use heat in their work. 

All designs are owned by the artist and may not be reproduced.